Monday, July 29, 2013

Reminders Before Introducing Solid Food

On my previous blog post, I shared about our baby led weaning experience.  But before giving your baby a chunk of brocolli or a strip of ampalaya, please read the following reminders.  I learned them from reading articles, attending seminars and from Baby Led Weaning Philippines on Facebook:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mga Katanungan sa Kasambahay Law

I often receive questions about the Kasambahay Law.  For the benefits of my readers, here are some of the questions and my answer to them.

1. Q.Hassle naman ireport ang yaya ko sa SSS, Philhealth at Pag-ibig, puwede bang idagdag ko nalang ang contributions at premium sa sahod niya?
A: No. The law is the law and we have to follow it.  The employer is required 1.) to register the kasambahay, 2.) to deduct the contributions and premium from her salary (if P5,000 or more) and 3.) to remit the same.  

2. Q:Paano kung si kasambahay naman ang ayaw magpareport sa SSS, PhilHealth at Pag-IBIG, puwede na bang idagdag na lang sa sahod ang contributions at premium?
A: The answer is still NO.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Introducing Mang Turoness and a GIVEAWAY!

This article is totally out of the topic (not connected with being a mother, wife, etc...) but we all love food right? And I really want to help advertise! So here it goes..

Last week, a friend who I will call Ms. T, mentioned about a newly opened food kiosk at 168 Shopping Mall selling "sulit" and yummy turones with a twist.  I suddenly had cravings for saging saba so we visited the store.  It is called Mang Turoness.  I was surprised to see their very affordable  menu.   It is only P20 for 3 pieces of turones with langka filling and a caramel dip.  Add P10 and you will have a scoop of Magnolia Ice Cream on your turones! The store also offers fruits con hielo, shakes, karioka, cheese sticks, corn dog and a lot more.