Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chooks-To-Go Kwelavan

Last Saturday, The Binondo Mommy and I attended the Blogapolooza at SMX, SM Aura and Chooks-to-Go caught our attention.  They were having an interactive kwelavan and the bloggers were enjoying the games.  We also joined the fun and guess what?  We both won the grand price - a whole Chooks-to-Go Chicken!  Yehey!!

Chooks-to-Go Interactive Kwelavan

Posing with their mascot

We ate the chicken for lunch the next day and as expected, the chicken was malambot and juicy!  Indeed, Chooks-to-Go is masarap kahit walang sauce!  Doc A weighed the chicken and the result is .75 kg.  For only P194.00 each, Chooks-to-Go Sweet Roast Chicken is so sulit!  

Yummy Chicken!

Chooks-to-Go has sweet roast and pepper roast chicken.  They also offer other products like Fried Chooks Supersize, Chix 22 Bucket (22-piece Fried Chicken in a bucket), Chix 22 Half bucket, Juicy Liempo, Cooked Necks in a Bucket, Pork Barrel, and other frozen items like Spicy Necks, Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Licken Chicken Hotdog.  For a brief description of their products, please click HERE.

Chooks-to-Go now also delivers within Metro Manila. Their delivery hotline is 687-1010 from 9am until 8pm and the fee for every transaction is P30.00.

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This is not a sponsored post.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

We Want to go to The Mind Museum!

As soon as I got home from the Blogapalooza yesterday, I showed my husband, Doc A and Yaya I the brochure of The Mind Museum at BGC, Taguig.   There are so many interactive exhibits to see and we know that a day will not be enough to explore everything.  Then we started to debate which gallery is the most interesting.  We debated and debated but there is one thing that we all agree on.. we want to visit The Mind Museum!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Ceelin Plus Syrup

Baby C was exclusively breastfed for Six (6) months.  She did not take any vitamins, water or solids.  Just pure breastmilk.  Breastmilk is sufficient as the sole source of nutrition for the first 6 months.  However, after 6 months, baby's diet needs supplementation by introducing solid food.  

When Baby C turned Six (6) months, aside from solids, I also started giving her multi-vitamins.  I thought this was enough until Baby C caught a bad cold giving her cough and congested nose.  It was so severe that her pedia prescribed antibiotics and we even bought a nebulizer for her.  At first I don't want to give the antibiotics because she was just 8 months then but I was advised that it might lead to pneumonia.

Barely a month had passed, I saw the symptoms again - congested nose, coughing and lost of appetite.  My sister-in-law, Florence, advised me to give Ceelin Drops.  To my relief, the cold symptoms went away after 5 days.  Since then, I have been religiously giving Baby C 1 ml of Ceelin Drops everyday together with her vitamins and lots of nutritious food.  Ceelin Drops is pure ascorbic acid.

Blogapalooza 2013: Join the Fun!

Calling fellow bloggers and business owners to attend Blogapolooza 2013 where bloggers will meet business owners, big and small.  This is the biggest event of the year for bloggers and this is the best place for business owners to be who want to effectively advertise their products and save at the same time.

To know more about Blogapalooza 2013, please click HERE.  

Hurry!  Only few slots left.  See you there!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

You can Homeschool and a Giveaway

Can I homeschool?  This was the question I had been asking myself eversince I was pregnant.  After attending the homeschooling seminar conducted by The Learning Basket held sometime early this year where I heard testimonials of homeschooling parents and after talking to their smart children, I finally decided to homeschool Baby C.   

Baby C showing her tongue when she saw this flashcard for the first time.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

BDO Junior Savers Club and Metrobank Fun Savers Club

I can still remember how my mom taught me how to manage my money when she opened a bank account for me.  My dad also taught me how to earn my own money when he helped me with my "samalamig" business one summer vacation way back 1993.  All my ang paos (cash gifts in a red envelop) and all income from my "samalamig" business were personally deposited by me on my bank account.  At an early age, I already learned the value of money and saving for the future.