Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tutorial: Hello Kitty Bow Headband

I love DIYs!  For Baby C's Sanrio Birthday Party, I've decided to make a Hello Kitty Bow Headbands for little girls.  If only I have the time, I would DIY everything.  Eventhough I hired a party organizer, I still want to give the party a personal touch.   

Today was spent doing this Hello Kitty Bow Headbands.  I started at 10am and finished at 4pm.  All in all, I was able to make 32 pieces.  If I still have the time next Sunday, I'll make some more.  I'm sure these headbands will look cute on all the little girls in the party!

Hello Kitty Bow Headband

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kiddie Party Ideas IV: Giveaways by Handicrafts Atbp.

They are here!  The oh so cute kiddie stools I ordered from Handicrafts atbp for Baby C's Sanrio Birthday Party! 

70 pieces Ministool II

Kiddie Party Ideas III: Prizes

If I were a child again and I will attend a birthday party, what are the things that I want to see in that party so I will go home still raving about it?  These are the things to expect at Baby C's Brithday Party!  I won't enumerate them because this will eliminate the element of surprise since almost all my friends who will be there are reading my blog.  But for now, I will share what's no. 3 on my list..  PRIZES!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Missing my Spectra 3 Breastpump

I had my Spectra 3 sent for cleaning today, and I am terribly missing it.  It's barely a day since I last used my Spectra but I can now feel a plugged duct on my left breast.  I love this breastpump. 

Spectra 3 Double Electric Breastpump is sold at Babymama.  This pump has high suction power (but can be adjusted) and empties my breast faster than any other pumps.   This pump likewise dramatically increased my milk production.

Kiddie Party Ideas II: Sanrio Party Invitations by ART RECIPES BY MRS Q

Few weeks to go before Baby C's birthday celebration and it's time to send the party invitations.  While I frequent 168 Shopping Mall where there are lots of printing shops, I've decided to leave everything to my event planner, Pink and Peach Party. A week after sending the pictures of Baby C to Pink and Peach Party, I already received the invitations made by Art Recipes by Mrs Q.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Moringana Malunggay Leaf Capsules

I started taking malunggay capsules when I was 7 months pregnant with Baby C.  This was prescribed by my OB-Gyne in preparation to breastfeeding.  I diligently took 2 capsules a day and entertained only positive thoughts of having lots and lots of milk.  As I have shared on my previous posts, My Breastfeeding Miracle Story and Our Lady of La Leche, I am among those women who were gifted with abundant milk.  Until now that Baby C is almost 1 year old, I am still donating milk to other babies.  I believe that a mother's diet has a lot to do with abundant milk.  Although supplements are not necessary in order succeed in breastfeeding, to ensure that I stay nourished and in order to boost my immune system, I take Moringana Malunggay Capsules everyday.