Thursday, October 24, 2013

Missing my Spectra 3 Breastpump

I had my Spectra 3 sent for cleaning today, and I am terribly missing it.  It's barely a day since I last used my Spectra but I can now feel a plugged duct on my left breast.  I love this breastpump. 

Spectra 3 Double Electric Breastpump is sold at Babymama.  This pump has high suction power (but can be adjusted) and empties my breast faster than any other pumps.   This pump likewise dramatically increased my milk production.

This pump is very special to me because it was my best friend when baby refused to latch on during her first 10 days.  Mommy Mi'Ann, the owner of Babymama, advised me to have lots of skin to skin contact with Baby C.  I followed this and also practiced proper positioning.  After 10 long days, baby suddenly latched on and I have to pack this pump for a while.  Why? Because direct feeding is the best way to feed our babies!  

However, Spectra only has one standard size for its flanges / breast shields, and since it is not my size, it sometimes gets uncomfortable using it four to five times a day.   So after I returned back to work, I bought another pump that is more compact and I made sure that I got the right breast shield size.  Since then, I have been using the other pump at work and my Spectra 3 at home. 

 I bought the Spectra 3 for P4,900 but this is now on sale 
for only P4,200 until October 31, 2013.

I use AVENT feeding bottles.  Spectra 3 from Babymama 
 comes with a wide neck bottle adaptor.  Two 5 ounce bottles are 
sometimes not enough especially during early morning sessions.

 The Spectra 3 Machine.  The machine is also silent compared to other pumps.

A plastic container where I put the pump after use.  I put this in the 
refrigerator at night so milk in it won't spoil and use the pump 
again in the morning before I go to work. 

The adaptor rings for wide neck bottles

My Spectra 3, I hope I can get you back the soonest possible time..

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  1. Hi! i just want to ask what do you mean by "Spectra only has one standard size for its flanges"?What are the sizes? I'm planning to buy one because I got tired of my manual breastpump. And also, where did you sent your Spectra 3 for cleaning?How often it needs to be clean?

    1. Some breastpumps like medela has different sizes for its flanges/breastshields. Some say that a correct fit is necessary to efficiently pump milk. Breastshield is the part of the pump that fits directly over the nipple. Spectra 3 is the same size as Farlin manual pump and avent. If you are ok with these brands, then you will have no problem using Spectra 3. I sent my pump to Babymama. i had it cleaned because the suction has decreased. This is the first time in 11 months that I will have the pump cleaned. I sent it over hoping that the cleaning will be free since Spectra 3 has 1 year warranty. MiAnn said if the suction is ok, there is no need to have it cleaned yet.. but for me, pumps should be cleaned at least every 6 months. I just don't want to spend a day without my spectra kaya I had it cleaned just now. hope this helps =)

  2. Hi. How long did it take to have it cleaned? My spectra 3 is only 1 month old but sometimes I feel that the suction has decreased because unlike before when the suction is on its highest setting it will be painful but now it doesn't and it takes longer to empty my breasts. What do you suggest?

    1. When I sent my pump for cleaning, it took Miann mga 5 days lang. However, when i got it back, after few days, the pump started to have a scraping sound so i returned it back to her. It's been more than 2 weeks, the pump is still with her and I don't know why it's taking too long. I suggest you check the filter if you feel that the suction decreased. the red lines should be clear. If not, try to replace it. Our pump comes with 2 spare filters. If that did nott work, return it to Babymama since the pump has 1 year warranty.

  3. Hi.How often do you use your pump? My Spectra 3 is only a month plus old and sometimes, I feel like the suction is not that strong anymore because before when it is on the highest suction setting is will hurt but now even on that setting, I don't feel anything anymore and it takes a little bit longer to empty my breasts. How long did it take to have your pump cleaned? Thanks

    1. I only use the pump once to twice a day. I used a medela pump at work, the Spectra in the morning and evening at home. for the rest of your questions, please see my previous answer. =)


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