Sunday, January 12, 2014

We Love Babywearing

Below are photos of our family babywearing Baby C.  Me, Doc A and Yaya I.

Baby C at 6 months.  Recently I was told that front facing should be made with caution.  After that, I never carried baby front facing again.

Doc A babywearing Baby C using a Next 9 pouch.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Breastmilk Storage Guidelines Specifically for the Philippines

While still pregnant, I got confused with the different breastmilk storage guides I learned in seminars and read in books and in the internet.  In the end, I made my own time frame for my expressed milk and of course, I trust my nose and taste buds.

Last May 2013, one of the admins of Breastfeeding Pinays on Facebook posted guidelines which is specifically made for the Philippines.   This guide has helped a lot of breastfeeding moms especially those who needs to transport their milk or those working with no refrigerator at home. For those not yet members of Breastfeeding Pinays, sharing to you this breastmilk storage guidelines from the Trainer's Reference Manual "Gabay kay Nanay sa Tamang Pagpapasuso". 

Baby C's First Birthday Party Suppliers (Part 1)

Baby C's first birthday bash was a success!  Friends and relatives' feedback about Baby C's 1st birthday party is heart melting! Everybody, old and young enjoyed the party! Some kids even asked their mommies or titas when they will attend Baby C's next party.

So far, almost all the birthday suppliers were able to deliver and some performed even beyond my expectation.  Below is my list of suppliers and my rating for the first 5 suppliers, 5 hearts being the highest and 1 heart the lowest:

1.  Food: Verleo Catering
2.  Food Carts: Precious Party Needs
3.  Venue: North Greenhills Clubhouse
4.  Event's Stylist: Pink and Peach Party
5.  Host/Magician: Chayno
6.  Videographer:  Sophiaphotography 
7.  Photographer: Life at Imaginenation Photography 
8.  Cake and Cupcakes:  Hearts and Bells
9.  Photobooth: Snap Patrol Photo Booth
10. Souvenir:  Handicrafts atbp
11. Face Painting and Kiddie Salon: c/o Pink and Peach Party