Saturday, January 11, 2014

Baby C's First Birthday Party Suppliers (Part 1)

Baby C's first birthday bash was a success!  Friends and relatives' feedback about Baby C's 1st birthday party is heart melting! Everybody, old and young enjoyed the party! Some kids even asked their mommies or titas when they will attend Baby C's next party.

So far, almost all the birthday suppliers were able to deliver and some performed even beyond my expectation.  Below is my list of suppliers and my rating for the first 5 suppliers, 5 hearts being the highest and 1 heart the lowest:

1.  Food: Verleo Catering
2.  Food Carts: Precious Party Needs
3.  Venue: North Greenhills Clubhouse
4.  Event's Stylist: Pink and Peach Party
5.  Host/Magician: Chayno
6.  Videographer:  Sophiaphotography 
7.  Photographer: Life at Imaginenation Photography 
8.  Cake and Cupcakes:  Hearts and Bells
9.  Photobooth: Snap Patrol Photo Booth
10. Souvenir:  Handicrafts atbp
11. Face Painting and Kiddie Salon: c/o Pink and Peach Party


1.  Food: Verleo Catering - ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

As my MIL and other friends said, if you do not want to gamble and to be sure that the guests will appreciate the food, hire VERLEO Catering!  Every dish was perfect!  Alvin said the seafood roll was the best dish,  Unfortunately, when I was about to bite mine, Chayno called us for the cake blowing and the waiters already removed my plate when I returned to our table.  Buhuhu! 

The waiters also helped me set up my DIY Candy Buffet.  Yehey!  I would not have time for the on-site video and pictorials before the party if not for their help.  Thank you! Thank You!

Our guests only negative comment about Verleo is that they run out of drinking water.  They served softdrinks instead.  I guess more and more people are becoming health conscious because we brought home 1 case of 1.5 liters diet Coke.

Below is our Buffet Menu:
1. Yang Chow Fried Rice
2. Cha Misua
3. Chicken Cordon Bleu
4. Sliced Beef with Mushroom
5. Beef Brocolli
6. Seafood Roll
7. Steamed Prawn
8. Fresh Fruits  
9. Mango Crepe

Kiddie Menu
1. Chicken Drumstick
2. Spaghetti
3. Barbeque 
4. Choco Cupcake with Sprinkles

Steamed Prawn
Beef Brocolli
Sliced Beef
Seafood Roll
Cha Misua
Spaghetti and Chicken Drumstick
Choco Cupcakes with Sprinkles

Verleo Food Enterprise
Tel. nos.   361-9379; 365-3315; 367-5082; 447-0896 
Fax no. 365-6626
Cell. nos.(0917)805-5082; (0922)879-0196
E-mail address:

2.  Food Carts: Precious Party Needs - ♥♥♥ 3/5

Few months before the birthday, we saw a promo on Ensogo by Precious Party Needs.  3 party carts good for 100 pax for only P3,980 instead of P9,000.  Thinking this was a good deal, we immediately booked them.  We chose tacos and nachos, french fries and fruit shakes.  I regret booking this promo because the serving size was.. well.. small.  I guess we only got what we paid for.  The deal is too good to be true.  But if this is not a promo, maybe the servings will be bigger.

Precious Party Needs
Cell No.:  (0916)433-2385

3.  Venue: North Greenhills Clubhouse - ♥♥♥♥ 4/5 

Please go to my previous post about North Greenhills Clubhouse (

Telefax: 727-6166/67, 722-1841
Address: Johnson Park, North Greenhills, San Juan City

4.  Event's Stylist: Pink and Peach Party - ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

We love how the venue turned out.  I love the balloon decoration with bling-blings!  We also like the stage backdrop.  Ms. Aileen, the owner of Pink and Peach Party is also accommodating and she responded very quickly to my inquiries even after the event.  She even included in her package an assistant to help me during the party.  And oh, she also has a gift for Baby C!  Her prize is also very competitive. So in terms of party styling and customer service, it's really 5/5!

Sanrio Styro Backdrop with lights and accent and 2 pillars with mylars
Full Balloon Set-up.  Tables and chairs set-up by Verleo
5 color swags

Clusters with mylars
I love the bling-blings!

Table centerpiece
Entrance Arch
Cake Arch
Although I gave Pink and Peach Party a perfect score, there were also minor flaws.  Like, the welcome signage outside the door of the venue does not have the name of Baby C.  It should have been "Czarina's Party is here" and not just "party is here" and the name tag of the kids should have been customized with Baby C's name and picture like the samples she gave me.  But like what I've said, these were just minor flaws.  I really don't mind. =)

Pink & Peach Party
Cell No:  (0905)293-0905

5.  Host/Magician: Chayno - ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

Chayno did a good job entertaining not just the kids but the adults as well.  He was such a hit!  I only texted him twice before the party, that was when I booked him and when I asked if I can use his sound system for Baby C's on-site video.  We never talked about the program.  He did not also ask any questions.  I just know that I have to buy lots and lots of prizes for the kids.  And the result?.. stress free party planning!  Doc A and I did not skimp on the host/magician.  We allocated a budget for the entertainment because we know that this is really the life of the party.  The kids will be expecting a magic show and we do not want to disappoint them.

Chayno, getting the names of the kids.
Chayno in action.
Chayno in action

By the way, Chayno's rate is also competitive.  His rate is P9,000.00 including the sound system compared to other magicians with rates ranging from P11,000 to P14,000 as of this writing.

Please click HERE for my previous post about him. 

Cell No: (0917)842-4581

Please watch out for the second half of this post.  Mommy's duties are waiting for me!  Bye for now! =)


  1. hi! how much did you pay for your event stylist? :)

    1. Hi Emgee! I took the package offered by Pink and Peach which includes the face painter, kiddie salon, photobooth etc.. If styling only, I think her price is less than 19k.


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