Sunday, December 29, 2013

OOTD: Purple Dress

Who loves playing Barbie Doll?   Well.. I do.  Errr.. I played Barbie until I was 14 years old because I love dressing her up.  I even sewed and knitted some of her dresses.   My sweet elder brother would always buy me a Barbie dress every payday.  It was only P50 per outfit way back 1990's.  

Now that I have Baby C, it was expected that I'll make her my Barbie Doll.  I started by making her cute hair trinkets.  Since I don't have the time to sew her dresses, and Doc A forbade me to spend much on her clothes..  I settle with whatever my friends or relatives gave her as gifts.  I mix and match and that's it.  

I've been wanting to post her OOTD since the day I started blogging, but I want her pictures taken while she's standing up.  Ohh well, baby can now walk unsupported but she won't let me take her pictures standing up.. alone!  So for now, here's her OOTD.  We took these pictures when we were on our way to a nearby church.

Look at Doc A wearing a purple t-shirt!  Nakiterno pa!

She's loves wearing shades.

Old Navy Purple Dress, Sugar Kids Pink Mary Jane Shoes, Disney Pink Hat, Baby Headquarters Pink Leggings, Dora Backpack and Charlene Headband by Czara's Hair Pieces


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