Monday, August 19, 2013

Lamaze Toys vs. P10 Toy

Show your baby how much you love
them by giving them the best!
Watch your baby grow and develop through play with Lamaze toys.

You'll see these words when you open the Lamaze Toys website.  Who doesn't want to give their babies the best, right?  So one day, I bought Lamaze Toys for Baby C.  I bought the "How Do I Feel Book" and "Kerry Fairy".  Baby C will definitely love Kerry Fairy.  She is so cute and she is going to be her first doll.

Lamaze Toys from Mommy Edel

On the same day the Lamaze Toys arrived, Daddy A also bought Baby C a toy.  He saw a Mini Whistle Toy Hammer somewhere for P10 and decided to buy one for Baby C.  I saw this before in  Yes, i know it is cute, but what about the toxic?
 Mini Whistle Toy Hammer from Daddy A

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Our Lady of La Leche (Our Lady of the Milk and Happy Delivery)

When I was still pregnant, I heard lots of stories about moms who weren’t able to breastfeed their children not because they don't want to breastfeed but because according to them, no matter what they do, "they don't have milk".  To my surprise, even my OB-GYNE, who I dearly love, confessed to me that she wasn't able to breastfeed her children.  She said she tried everything to have milk but all efforts failed.  Now, if a doctor wasn’t able to breastfeed, what are the chances that I won't be able to breastfeed?

I diligently studied all that I have to know about breastfeeding.  I read books, articles in the internet, blogs and even free leaflets.  I interviewed mommy friends and relatives who were able to successfully breastfeed their children.  I attended countless seminars about breastfeeding.  I compared notes with other preggy friends in case I missed something.  Two months before my due date, I started taking malunggay capsules prescribed by my OB-GYNE.  My mother also made dried malunggay leaves which I added to my food.  I avoided vinegar and anything that is sour because they said that it can lessen milk supply.  I bought all the necessary breastfeeding and pumping paraphernalia.  In short,  I prepared myself physically and emotionally while I was still pregnant to BREASTFEED!  Why?  Because I am full of doubts that I will have milk!  Eventhough I read that practically all mothers have milk, still, what if I don't have milk or what if it's too painful for me or what if baby doesn't want to latch? What if? What if? What if?

Friday, August 16, 2013

My Breastfeeding Miracle Story

I am a member of Breastfeeding Pinays on Facebook. This group seeks to provide support and information to families who are interested in breastfeeding.  In less than 7 months, they already have more than 4000 members.  Wow!  If you are pregnant or have babies or somebody who believes in breastfeeding, join this support group and be inspired with the stories of breastfeeding mommies.

Last July, several members of the Breastfeeding Pinays submitted their miracle stories in a contest conducted by KAYA Women Empowerment and Support where each narrative entry should be about the contestant's breastfeeding miracle story and should contain a maximum of 200  words.  I immediately composed my entry.  I had a hard time limiting my entry to just 200 words because I have so much to share.  Breastfeeding is my new found passion.  In my own little way, I am helping mommy friends on their breastfeeding journey.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guest Post: I am a Proudly Lactating Mom

More and more moms are now becoming aware of the benefits of breastmilk. While some can't breastfeed for long, most will at least breastfeed for a month or two before going back to work. 

STATISTICS: Out of 10 mommy friends who gave birth last year, 5 are still breastfeeding their babies until today, 3 are mix feeding while 2 breastfed their babies for at least 2 months.  Not bad right? =)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guest Post: Working + Breastfeeding = LOVE

Today is the start of World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7) and the month of August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month.  I have requested some of my breastfriends to guest post and to share their breastfeeding journey for the benefit of my readers.  I'm hoping to receive all their articles on time for the month of August. =) 

My first guest post is by Madz L.Carsula-Tolentino, a busy lawyer, a loving wife to JT and a mom to a toddler, Gab and baby, RafaAtty. Madz is a proof that it is possible to continue breastfeeding while working and she shares here her secret!


Working + Breastfeeding = LOVE
By: Madz L.Carsula-Tolentino