Monday, August 19, 2013

Lamaze Toys vs. P10 Toy

Show your baby how much you love
them by giving them the best!
Watch your baby grow and develop through play with Lamaze toys.

You'll see these words when you open the Lamaze Toys website.  Who doesn't want to give their babies the best, right?  So one day, I bought Lamaze Toys for Baby C.  I bought the "How Do I Feel Book" and "Kerry Fairy".  Baby C will definitely love Kerry Fairy.  She is so cute and she is going to be her first doll.

Lamaze Toys from Mommy Edel

On the same day the Lamaze Toys arrived, Daddy A also bought Baby C a toy.  He saw a Mini Whistle Toy Hammer somewhere for P10 and decided to buy one for Baby C.  I saw this before in  Yes, i know it is cute, but what about the toxic?
 Mini Whistle Toy Hammer from Daddy A

Anyway, I was pretty confident that Baby C will choose the Lamaze Toys over the plastic hammer so I put the three toys in front of Baby C.  Obviously, the Lamaze Toys are more attractive than the toy hammer.

That's right, Baby!  Pick the How Do I Feel Book!
Baby, baby!  What are you waiting for? Don't change your mind, please pick the book.

Unfortunately, Baby C picked the hammer toy!  Daddy A cheered.  “Yehey, mas gusto ni baby yung toy ko!”  BOOOOOoooooo!!! “Tsamba lang yon!”, I said.

No comment!

I gave it another try and put the 3 toys again in front of her.  Here’s what happened!

Ang saya-saya niya!  Look what toy she's picking.
No comment again!

Okay! Okay!  That’s another tsamba!  I did not give up, I gave it another try just this morning!

Hands up!

Oh well. I hid the plastic hammer toy (baka may toxic naman kasi, hindi ba?) and baby has no choice but to play with the Lamaze Toys!!
Where's my hammer?

Moral Lesson of the story:  Babies don't really need expensive toys. As long as the toys are SAFE and educational.  Best doesn't mean expensive!

Mommy Edel 


  1. Hahaha!!! Nice try Mommy Edel ... :)

    1. Nakatago na sa baul ang toy hammer! Hahahah!


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