Monday, September 30, 2013

Tuna Pesto Pasta with Chorizo Bilbao

I love pasta, I like the taste of chorizo and yesterday, I was craving for a canned tuna.  I gathered all the ingredients available at home and decided to cook a Tuna Pesto Pasta with a twist!  That is.. with King Sue Chorizo Bilbao.   The Chorizo Bilbao complemented the tuna pesto and added flavor to the dish.

Declared Holidays for 2014

Five (5) days ago, President Aquino signed Proclamation Decree No. 655 declaring the regular holidays, special non-working days, and special holidays (for all schools) for the year 2014.  There are 18 declared holidays next year plus the date of the Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha which will be declared after the approximate dates of the Islamic holidays have been determined.  November 2, December 24 and December 26 are declared additional special non-working days.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tony and Jackey Salon Makeover

To REBOND or to PERM?  That's what I've been comtemplating to do for months!  Now that Baby C is more that 10 months and breastfeeding experts said that breastfeeding mommies can rebond, perm or color their hair, it's about time that I do something about my unruly hair.

My last chemical treatment was way back August 2010.  I had my hair permed at Soyeux Cheveux and it lasted until October 2012 when I finally chopped off the remaining curls.  I enjoyed my curls back then because there was never a bad hair day.  I really want a perm but it is high maintenance compared to rebond.  Since I'm a busy working mom.. should I have a rebond or a perm again?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Moist Chocolate Cake by Doc A

We buy a cake every 8th day of the month for Baby C's monthly birthday celebration.  Since Baby C's 10th month fell on a Sunday (his cooking and baking day), Doc A decided to bake her a moist chocolate cake.  Doc A approximately spent only P350 - P400 for the ingredients.  Modesty aside, this is the best moist chocolate cake I have ever tasted.  Not so sweet, the cake was just as good after the last bite as with the first!  

I invited a chocolate addict officemate and her daughter for some slices and three days after, she was still raving about the cake.  She narrated that her daughter likes the cake so much that when she left the cake at school and found it the next day in the lost and found, she still ate it (without her knowledge but with the consent of the yaya). 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Share Your Blessings: A Mustela Giveaway!

While still pregnant, I spent hours researching what soap to use on our precious Baby C.  A newborn's skin is very sensitive and I worry about chemicals in baby's soaps and shampoos which can cause irritation.  I read about additives and preservatives like parabens and phthlates which have the potential to alter the hormone levels in the body.  Mustela is one of the products I considered using because it claims that their products are hypoallergenic, paraben free, phtalate free, phenoxyethanol free, chlorphenesin free, alcohol free and essential oil free.

I tried Mustela Stelaprotect Cleansing Foam on Baby C. True enough, it is very gentle on Baby C's skin.  A bottle lasted about 3 months.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Kiddie Party Ideas Part I: Venue and Host/Magician

Baby C's first birthday is fast approaching!  She will turn 1 in November 2013.  By popular demand, I will start posting our birthday preparations and her party details to share ideas to my friends and readers.

Since we only have 3 months preparation during our wedding in 2011, Hubby and I decided to start early for Baby C's 1st birthday.  We started preparing as early as February  2013 or 9 months before her birthday.  Pretty early huh?  Nah!  Because when we tried to book our first choice venue, it was already taken!  Sigh!