Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cloth Diaper: Our Story

I started buying cloth diapers when I was 6 months pregnant.  When Baby C was born, I have a stash of 22 cloth diapers.  We started using cloth diapers when she turned 3 weeks old since the smallest size that I have is still too big for her.  With 22 pieces, we have to wash every other day to make sure we won't run out of clean diapers.  I have 21 pocket diapers and 1 all-in-two (AI2).

Baby C at 3 weeks
Baby C at 5 months
Baby C at 1 year
Pocket Diaper
All-in-Two Diaper

My mother and aunt disapprove using cloth diapers.  They fear that Baby C will be sakang.  But after a year of wearing them, I proved to them that they were wrong.    

So, after a year of using cloth diapers, how are we today?

1.  Baby Czarina is happy!

Healthy bum = happy baby!

Since the day Baby C was born, we only had 2 episodes of rashes.  The first time when she was only 2 weeks old and we were using the traditional lampin and the second and last one was when she had diarrhea last August at 8 months old. 

Absorbent cloth diapers = continuous and good night sleep.

For the first few months, we were using disposable diapers every night.  However when we run out of disposable diapers (since this is not in our regular shopping list) we found out that our cloth diapers can absorb Baby C's urine overnight and can give her the same comfort and dry feel as disposable diapers.  It is very seldom that we experience any leaks.  

Since Baby C turned 11 months, she points or holds her cloth diaper every time she already feels wet.   I think this is a sign that she will be potty trained early.

2.  I am happy!

I know how it feels to have rashes on the bum area, and it really hurts!  I had it when I was pregnant with Baby C!  Arrrgh!!  So since Baby C is happy, I am happy.  Who wants a cranky baby, right?

The designs are so cute and so girly, I love seeing Baby C in those cute prints!  I even bought her a cloth diaper with Hello Kitty print! I love Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty print
3.  Doc A is very very very happy!  

Doc A is so happy because he is saving money from using cloth diapers!   Although we also buy disposable diapers, a medium sized pack would last for more than a month since we only use them when we go out with baby for more than 3 hours.  I just don't like the idea of bringing home dirty diapers.

Since I also have to consider the cost of soap and water, I can't really compute how much we are saving every month.  But let me give you a rough estimate of the cost of disposable diapers a baby can use in a year:

No. of Diapers per day x P7.00 (Average Cost)
 Cost per Month
1 month
9 x P7.00
P  1,890.00
2 - 3 months
7 x P7.00
P  2,940.00
4 - 12 months
6 x P7.00
TOTAL for 1 year


4. Yaya I 

The only person who is not happy in this cloth diapering story is Yaya I because she washes Baby C's cloth diaper.  While she is not happy, she is not complaining.  According to her, laundering Baby C's cloth diaper is a small sacrifice as long as it is best for her. =)

Now how much does a cloth diaper costs?

For local and China brands, a pocket cloth diaper costs around P280.00 to P380.00 depending on the materials used.  I referred all my friends to an online store which I discovered while searching for a bamboo cloth diaper.  The store is Babywhiz Company owned by Joy.  Most online stores sells an Alva Cloth Diaper for P300 but she sells them for only P200.00 to P220.00.  I referred all my friends to her with a request to teach them how to use and how to properly take care of them.  And you know what?  She will be sponsoring a giveaway here on my blog!  I will have a separate blogpost for the giveaway.  So watch out for it my dear friends and readers!

If you have any questions about cloth diapering, fell free to post them on the comment section below.


  1. Yehey giveaway! Thank you for the referral! :)

    1. You can add your stash na. Super low na ng price ni Joy. =)

  2. Hi Ma'am Edel :) I just want to ask gumagamit po kayo ng microfiber inserts abd how do you wash them? Kasi po nahihirapan ako magtanggal ng odor sa microfiber inserts. Blended inserts kasi matagal matuyo kahit i-spin dryer

    1. Hi Denise! Yes I use microfiber inserts. I only use Cycles Detergent then bilad kay Mr. Sun. So far, wala namang panghi pagkatuyo. =)

    2. Im using cycles now :) thank you... its good na... with perla kasi before, di naaalis yung odor.. and soaking inserts (sa cycles) for 15mins before washing really works with stains

    3. Yey! Perla is ok with clothes but not really for cloth diapers. Aside from the odor, I think the cds will also repel because of the moisturizer. =)

  3. The designs are so cute! Thanks for sharing all these info. enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. I never regret changing to cloth nappies. If I knew then way back 4 years sana marami ng namana si Yvan ko.. Super beneficial ang cloth nappues :) go saving our mother earth :-)

  5. It's a good decision to let Baby C wear cloth diapers. When my son was still a baby, unfortunately cloth diapers was not 'in" yet (or di lang ako nag research). Tapos I saw an online store that sells it for P600 per piece, buti may nakita kang mas mura.

    1. Yes, buti na lang. Pamura ng pamura. aki na ng tipid. Mapapamana pa sa mga susunod na anak. hih! Thank you for answering my question Mommy Levy about MMR and autism. God bless. =)

  6. I'll refer your friend to my sister in law who has a 2 month old baby:-) cloth nappies are unheard of on our clan LOL :-)

  7. Awesome post! Your baby is looking so cute in cloth diapers.I just started using these diapers and I LOVE THEM!!!!! They are the best quality and have no added chemicals... They are also sooooo cute.
    Baby cloth diapers

  8. Hi Ms Edel san you po nabili ung Hello kitty Cloth Diaper??


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