Friday, December 13, 2013

12 Months of Sweets

How do you celebrate your baby's monthly birthday?  

We celebrated Baby C's monthly birthday with a cake and I take lots of pictures.  I regret I failed to take a monthly picture of her beside a stuffed toy to compare how much she has grown every month, I'll just do that for our next baby.

Baby C's monthly birthday is our excuse to indulge in sweets.  Majority of her cakes were bought at the nearby Goldilocks Bakeshop.  When Baby C turned 10 months, Doc A started baking her chocolate cakes.  For Doc A's yummy moist chocolate cake, please click HERE.

Let me share with you Baby C's monthly birthday pictures and her cakes. 

First month cake.  I asked Doc A's staff to pick-up this cake from Secret Recipe and she forgot to ask for the candle

2nd month cake from King's Bakeshop.

3rd month cake from Goldilocks.

4th month sweets.  Inutak.

5th month cake from Goldilocks.

6th month cake from Goldilocks.

7th month cake from Goldilocks.

8th month cake again from Goldilocks.
9th month cake from Goldilocks.

10th month cake baked by Doc A.

11th month cake by Doc A.  Oppsss, where is baby? hehe!

12th Month Birthday Cake by Doc A.

Baby C's cake during her birthday celebration by Hearts and Bells.  Isn't it sooo cute? 

Sigh!  Baby's first year really went by very fast!  There's so much change every month.  I am sure she will appreciate these pictures when she grows up. 


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