Sunday, January 12, 2014

We Love Babywearing

Below are photos of our family babywearing Baby C.  Me, Doc A and Yaya I.

Baby C at 6 months.  Recently I was told that front facing should be made with caution.  After that, I never carried baby front facing again.

Doc A babywearing Baby C using a Next 9 pouch.

Yaya I babywearing Baby C using an Indigo Baby Pouch.

Since Baby C was 1 month old, I have been babywearing her.  She loves it.  Using my Baby K'tan, I was able to multi-task in the office when I was still yaya-less (I was in the hunt for a good yaya until Baby C was 3 months old).  After my maternity leave, I used to bring her to the office.  I prepared pleadings, answered clients' queries (of course only in the phone), made researches and even ate while taking care of Baby C.  All these I was able to do because I was hands-free!  Baby C would instantly fall asleep in the carrier. 

Multi-tasking at work

Babywearing while baking

Even now that she's more than a year old, she still falls asleep everytime I will babywear her.  Last Sunday, I was able to climb the "Kamay ni Jesus" Healing Shrine hill in Lucban, Quezon while carrying Baby C because of babywearing.  She was asleep until we reached the top.  That was 310 steps up to the 50-foot statue of Ascending Jesus Christ.  While others were panting to reach the top, I was all smiles with no trace of "hingal".  It was as if I was climbing the stairway to heaven with my baby.  

Kamay ni Jesus Healing Shrine

On top of the hill. 

If you are wondering what are the other benefits of babywearing aside from being hands-free, please click HERE.  

For babywearing safety, please go to this link. Remember, T.I.C.K.S. is very, very important!

T - Tight.
I - In view at all times.
C - Close enough to kiss.
K - Keep Chin off the chest.
S - Support.

Pointers on babywearing on the next blogpost.  Hoping I'll find the time to write it this week.


Baby K'tan by My Baby Dragon

Next 9

Indigo Baby


  1. I never used those with my sons when they were babies. I think I'm too scared because there are cases in US where the baby got suffocated with the fabric. Good for you that you feel comfy with it.

  2. We love Indigo Baby! That's where we got our summer striped one. My husband was the one who baby wore our kids more and he loved it even though the design we had was clearly feminine, hihi. :)

    1. They sell great products like cocoa butter and lavander oil and I met 1 of the owners (Denise) and she is friendly pa, but i don't think she will remember me. hehe! Thanks for dropping by. =)

  3. ooohhh this is nice! I never experience this with my daughter. D pa ata uso nun. Ibang carrier lang. Anyway, glad that this one looks safe and comfy na d mahirap for baby. :)


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