Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kiddie Party Ideas III: Prizes

If I were a child again and I will attend a birthday party, what are the things that I want to see in that party so I will go home still raving about it?  These are the things to expect at Baby C's Brithday Party!  I won't enumerate them because this will eliminate the element of surprise since almost all my friends who will be there are reading my blog.  But for now, I will share what's no. 3 on my list..  PRIZES!

I bought lots and lots of prizes because I do not want a single child to go home without winning anything.  If I were a child again, I definitely won't forget a party if I will receive lots of prizes!  But buying prizes is not an easy task especially if you have a budget and you want to stick with it.  At first I wanted to wait for a sale at Toy Kingdom or Toys "R" Us, but after browsing all their toys, I figured I would spend three times more than my intended budget.  My target quantity is 150 pieces or more!

So where did I buy?  Where else, of course at 168 Shopping Mall!  With their expansion (Mall 5), toy stores are almost everywhere!  Yes, it is in Divisoria, but since it's a mall, it is comfortable to shop around.  And since it's in Divisoria, you can test your bargaining skills and you can also buy items at a wholesale price. I was able to buy educational, useful, quality and cute items in an unbelievable low price!  Let me share with you some of my great finds.

1. Original Hot Wheels from Uncle Sam's Warehouse, 5th Floor, 168 Shopping Mall.  This is P60 each for 6 pieces and up.  Retail price is P100.  I think this is at least a hundred pesos in SM.

2. UNO Cards. P35 for 6 pieces and up, P40 retail.  Ground floor, Mall 2.  I can't remember the pasilio number.  When I was a kid, i love playing this game.  Even until now. =)

3.  Computation Study Box.  P55 each for 6 pieces and up.  P60 retail.  I saw a lot of wooden numbers but they cost P300 to P600. Kids will have fun learning numbers and math with this wooden numbers set.  It also has a built in abacus, white board with erasable marker or sticks like in the picture below which will allow kids to learn math in a visual and hands-on way.

4. Drum Set.  P35 for 3 pieces and up, P50 retail.  Baby loves this drum! Boom! Boom! Boom!

5. Four in a Line, P15 for 3 pieces and up, P20 retail and Rubik's Cube, P8 for 3 pieces and up, P10 retail.  I also used to play these toys.  They are not only fun but also educational.  These toys will develop children's analytical skills.

6.  Wooden Shape Sorter.  P55 each for 6 pieces and up.  P60 retail. 

7.  Chess Set.  P30 each. 

8. Hoola Hoop, P3 for P100 and Jumping Rope, P15 wholesale, P25, retail.  Every girls should have these wonderful toys!

9. Ben 10 Toys.  P20 wholesale, P25 retail.  I bought these because my nephews, when they were still small, love Ben 10.

10. Kitchen and Doctor Set.  3 for 100, toys for playing pretend.  Playing pretend is beneficial for our kids. It enriches their imagination which is an important building block for learning.  For more benefits of playing pretend, please click HERE.

11. Staplers. Can you guess how much these staplers cost?  I bought these staplers because they are so cute.  And I remember how happy I was when my brother-in-law gave me my very first stapler way back in elementary.  Shucks!  Buying these toys makes me sentimental.  It sure brings back good childhood memories.

Please take note that since Christmas is fast approaching, shoppers are increasing by the day.  If your party is next year, start buying in January.  If it's in December, buy your prizes now before it gets too crowded!

Enjoy your shopping! 

168 Shopping Mall
Sta. Elena, Soler and San Felipe Streets,
Binondo, Manila
Tel No. 7168168


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