Sunday, November 17, 2013

We Want to go to The Mind Museum!

As soon as I got home from the Blogapalooza yesterday, I showed my husband, Doc A and Yaya I the brochure of The Mind Museum at BGC, Taguig.   There are so many interactive exhibits to see and we know that a day will not be enough to explore everything.  Then we started to debate which gallery is the most interesting.  We debated and debated but there is one thing that we all agree on.. we want to visit The Mind Museum!

Doc A finds the Atom Gallery most interesting and unique!  Well according to him, everything is made up of atom and he definitely wants to see the atoms up close and personal! Haha!  Doc A is such a nerd!

Yaya I wants to see the Life Gallery because she wants to walk though a human brain and she wants a review what part of the brain is functioning for the different senses.  A friend showed me the question he picked from The Mind Museum booth asking which of our senses is working when the occipital lobe of our brain is functioning?  I answered sight.  It was a wild guess.  When I got home, hubby confirmed that I guessed correctly!  Phew!  According to him, occipital lobe contains the primary visual cortex. 

As for me, I want to experience the time travel through the tunnel craft.  When I was a kid, I love watching Back to the Future and I have always wondered how it feels like traveling through different times.  At last, I will have this question answered!  I can't wait to visit The Mind Museum!

For those looking for a family event this coming  weekend, there will be a Renaissance-inspired Weekend Fair at the Canopy Plaza on November 23 - 24, 2013, 10am to 6pm.  This is free and open to the public.
Free and open to the public

For more information about The Mind Museum, please visit their:

Twitter: @themindmuseum



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