Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Introducing Mang Turoness and a GIVEAWAY!

This article is totally out of the topic (not connected with being a mother, wife, etc...) but we all love food right? And I really want to help advertise! So here it goes..

Last week, a friend who I will call Ms. T, mentioned about a newly opened food kiosk at 168 Shopping Mall selling "sulit" and yummy turones with a twist.  I suddenly had cravings for saging saba so we visited the store.  It is called Mang Turoness.  I was surprised to see their very affordable  menu.   It is only P20 for 3 pieces of turones with langka filling and a caramel dip.  Add P10 and you will have a scoop of Magnolia Ice Cream on your turones! The store also offers fruits con hielo, shakes, karioka, cheese sticks, corn dog and a lot more.

I started interviewing the owners, Anthony, Kendrich, Abbygail and Rikki Rose and found out that they are 4th year BS in Entrepreneurship Students from UST and Mang Turoness is their practicum/OJT.  I am also a Thomasian (Business Administration Graduate) and during my time, we only had a "tiangge" inside the UST Campus. BooORING!

Turones (banana and mango filling) with Vanilla Ice Crean and Chocolate Syrup

Turon Split

Cheezy Stik

 Mang Turones Food Kiosk 
Food Court 3, 5th Floor, 168 Shopping Mall Phase 5

 Mang Turoness Logo

 Mang Turoness Menu

They use Magnolia Ice Cream!

 Choice of caramel, strawberry and chocolate syrup to put on your turones

Mang Turoness - I love the turones!  To describe it, I'll just say that it's the best turones I have ever tasted! 

So if you happen to be in 168 Shopping Mall, let's help these young entrepreneurs and drop by their food kiosk. Wink! ;)

For the fun part!!!

There will be 2 winners of 2 Mang Turones gift certificates worth P200 each. Please follow the Rafflecopter below and make sure to follow the mandatory steps.  Share this giveaway on Facebook to earn more raffle entries! This giveaway will run from July 9, 2013 to July 23, 2013.  The winners will be notified on July 24, 2013.


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  2. Hi Legal Mom Archives! I join your giveaway. Hope to be one of the winners! The turon split looks delicious!

  3. I love turon! Ang mura sa Mang Turoness and mukhang malalaki and masarap.

  4. This is Ann Soriano. Hope to win! =)

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  6. panalunin nyo ko, kasi nahirapan ako!!!!

    1. sino po ba ito na mareklamo? hehehe! =)

  7. I love turon!!! I wanna visit this when i go to 168!!!

  8. wow!hope to win :) cross fingers :P

  9. hope to win. love turon, want to try mang turoness

  10. Thanks @Legal Mom Archives. more power... :D

  11. From Mang Turoness Management. Thank you for being a part of Mang Turoness! We wish you all a good day! and don't forget to come and visit our stall at 168 Shopping mall! Godbless!


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