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Mga Katanungan sa Kasambahay Law

I often receive questions about the Kasambahay Law.  For the benefits of my readers, here are some of the questions and my answer to them.

1. Q.Hassle naman ireport ang yaya ko sa SSS, Philhealth at Pag-ibig, puwede bang idagdag ko nalang ang contributions at premium sa sahod niya?
A: No. The law is the law and we have to follow it.  The employer is required 1.) to register the kasambahay, 2.) to deduct the contributions and premium from her salary (if P5,000 or more) and 3.) to remit the same.  

2. Q:Paano kung si kasambahay naman ang ayaw magpareport sa SSS, PhilHealth at Pag-IBIG, puwede na bang idagdag na lang sa sahod ang contributions at premium?
A: The answer is still NO.

3. Q:Ayaw ng maid ko mag day-off kahit anong pilit ko, gagastos lang daw kasi siya pag-umalis siya ng bahay. Ayaw ko rin magdagdag ng bayad sa kaniya, paano na?
A:Under the law, the kasambahay is entitled to a weekly rest period.  Day-off doesn't necessarily mean that your kasambahay has to go out of the house.  Huwag ninyo na lang utusan at pagpahingahin na lang sila buong araw. 

4. Q:What are the mandatory benefits of the kasambahay?
A:1.) Minimum Wage (NCR - P2500), 2.) once a week rest day, 3.) at least 8 hours a day rest, 4.) 5 days Service Incentive Leave, 5.) SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG and 6.) 13th month pay.

5. Q:Under the law, employers should provide the basic necessities of their kasambahay, required ba iprovide ang shampoo, sabon, toothbrush and toothpaste, di ba parang basic necessities din ang mga iyan?
A:Employers are not required to provide their shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc..  but I am sure they will appreciate it if you can it give it to them for free.

6.  Q:I don't like the face of my kasambahay, can i terminate her employment?
A:The law enumerated grounds for just termination of employment of  kasambahay.  However, if you want to terminate her without any justifiable reason, you just have to pay her earned salary plus indemnity in the amount equivalent to 15 days work.  

7.  Q:What if parehong ayaw namin sa isa't-isa?
A: According to DOLE, the employer and the kasambahay can terminate their contract anytime, provided the kasambahay and the employer mutually agree upon written notice.

8. Q:Paano naman kung yung kasambahay ang aalis hindi pa tapos ang contract niya at kailangan na kailangan ko ng kasambahay ngayon?
A:If the kasambahay leaves without cause, any unpaid salary due, not exceeding 15 days, shall be forfeited.  I know what you are thinking, "What if I have just paid her salary and she has utang pa?"  Oh well..

9. Q:15 years old pala puwede nang magtrabaho bilang kasambahay. Buti nalang! Kasi si yaya 15 years old palang.  Ok lang yun di ba?
A:Yes.  The law allows minors not less than 15 years old to work as a kasambahay, however your kasambahay should be afforded the opportunity to finish elementary and secondary education.  Also, according to R.A. 9231, working children should not be subjected to the following: 
a.  work for more than eight (8) hours a day, and in no case beyond forty (40) hours a week;
b. work between ten o’clock in the evening and six o’clock in the morning of the following day; and
c. work which are hazardous or likely to be harmful to the health, safety or moral of children, as defined under existing laws and regulations.

Here's the link to SSS Kasambahay Registration Procedure:

Here's the link to:
1.    IRR of Kasambahay Law 
2.    DOLE Standard Contract (Kontrata sa Paglilingkod sa Tahanan) - Form BK-1
3.    Payslip - Form BK-2
4.    Certificate of Employment - Form BK-3

If you need a copy of an Affidavit of Quitclaim and Release, please leave me a message here and send me your email address.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll try my best to answer them.  

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