Friday, April 4, 2014

Babywhiz Company Winner!

As I've mentioned on my previous post, there will be three (3) judges who will choose their favorite photo and from these chosen entries, I will choose the winner.  However, since one of the chosen entries is the daughter of a friend, I asked an officemate to do the judging.  I also mentioned that yours truly will give consolation prices to the two other entries.  So here they are:

Judge No. 1 who is a fashionista and one of Baby C's godparents  chose ZAIRI PABLO BAYLON.

My Not-So-Picky-Eater Baby

Judge No. 2 who is already in his 50's, a father of four and a successful businessman chose LARA GEORGINA CORRAL.

I waited for her signal that she's ready for her first solids, finally, when i gave her her 1st cereal, she made a point.

Judge No. 3 is an incoming law student who loves to eat sweets chose KAMILA ELISE BERMEJO.

Ang Batang Matakaw

Judge No. 4 who chose the winner is an engineer, a loving husband and father.
And the winner is... DRUMROLL!!!


Congratulations Mommy Joni Tan-Coral.

Mommy Apple Ugay and Mommy Alyssa Almira Baylon, please PM me on Facebook your address and contact numbers.  Mommy Joni, please wait for my message and go signal when you can start your online shopping from Babywhiz Company.

All the judges had a hard time choosing their favorite.  If only all of these cute babies can win.  Any sponsors?

Thank you to all who joined. 

Love! Love! Love!


  1. Yey!!!!! It's our first time to win! Happy for my baby <3
    Thanks Mommy Edel and Babywhiz!

    Now, off to some online shopping..... =D

  2. Nice to know you are also posting the winners in your blog giveaway that's great! <3


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