Monday, March 31, 2014

Babywhiz Company Photo Contestants (11-14)

There were some readers who submitted their entries but failed to complete the mechanics and some who did all the mechanics but wasn't able to send the photo.  To be fair to those who dutifully complied with all the mechanics, I will not consider their entries valid.  Hope it is ok with them. =)

Below are the other four (4) photos:


Aerith Bernales
16 months old

My Drinkaholic Baby

Yvolette Zoe Baclayon
11 months old
Food Lover Baby

Tiana Zhariane Baquiran
11 months old

Years had passed, changes were made, and I am a proud momma watching my little one's feeding milestones.

Baby Airicka
Now 2 years old

For the first ten contestants, please click HERE.


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