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Brave Women's Self-defense Workshop

During high school days, it crossed my mind to take taekwondo lessons, but my parents did not allow me to enroll.  They gave me the same answer for not allowing me to take gymnastics, "Baka mabalian ka ng buto."   

I was thrilled when Sally of The Binondo Mommy invited me and another mommy friend to attend the launching of Brave Women's Self-defense Workshop last February 22, 2014.  All three of us attended the workshop for free.

Sally, Me and Germaine

I remember my experience during law school days while walking along Dapitan St. when a snatcher grabbed my bag.  Reflex made me tugged my bag and when it was his turn to pull, the strap snapped.  He tripped on his foot, knocked his head on the wall of UST and at that moment, a pedicab driver came to my rescue shouting "Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Snatcher! Snatcher!"  The snatcher run away.  I was shaken but thankful to God nothing bad happened to me except that I have to say goodbye to my pigtas na bag.  

Because of that experience, I realized that it is important to have knowledge of basic self-defense in case the need to protect ourselves arises.  We should not just depend on other people for our protection.  This is one of the principles of Brave Women's Self-defense System.

What is BRAVE?  

BRAVE is the first and only self-defense system specifically designed for working women. Brave claims that any of their program is optimized and can be completed in just a day. Martial arts and fighting background is not a prerequisite. In just a day, a woman will learn the principles, techniques, and methods on how to protect herself in times of violence.

After any BRAVE program, a student is guaranteed to have the knowledge that can be turned into power in violent situations, and the skills to protect her from people who want to hurt or take advantage of her.

Brave Self-Defense System is based on Kali, the Filipino Martial Arts. Kali is one of the most effective martial arts in the world.

Who is BRAVE Lead Instructor?

Brave's lead instructor is SSgt. Mary Joy Castillo.  She is a Certified Martial Arts Instructor (Kali) of the Philippine Marines.

She has been teaching not only the Philippine Marines but also the US Marines in Balikatan Exercises, the Elite
Forces of the AFP, cadets of the PNPA as well as PNP personnel, security groups and other individual including foreign nationals who seeks self-protection.

For her certifications, recognitions and pictures in action, please click HERE

With Lead Instructor Ssgt. Mary Joy Castillo

After the Brave Women’s Self-defense Workshop, I became more aware of my surroundings.  As the instructor said, treat everybody as an attacker.  Always be aware.  Make eye contact.  Project confidence. These will discourage potential attackers from preying on you.

I had a fun learning experience during the Brave Women’s Self-defense Workshop.  I learned that aside from the groin area, eyes and throat, the ears, nose bridge and even knees and shin are sensitive areas which are lethal targets of the attacker.   I give this workshop a thumbs-up!

We were taught basic self defense like hand tapping and arm tapping and different combating techniques such as finger jab, palm heal strikes, slapping, hammer fist strike, elbow strike, groin kick and shin and knee kick.

Hand Tapping
Finger Jab Technique to stike the eye.

During the afternoon session, we were taught how to disarm an attacker with a knife, unlock with counter attack and how to do the finger locking technique.

Of all these techniques, I find the finger locking technique the easiest.  I tried to apply all techniques I learned to Doc A and it was only on this technique that he said "Ouch!" (Sorry, Honey..)

My Certification!

Participants with Instructors and Organizers

Brave's next group workshop is yet to be announced.  Their rate is P2,500 per head, seven (7) hours with breaks in-between.  Venue is at Studio M, V.G. Miranda Bldg., 9699 Pililla St., Makati City.

Brave also now offers Corporate Traning on Self Defense  and Private Bootcamp/Personalized Training on Self Defense.

Corporate Traning on Self Defense

A one-time whole day workshop or after-work workshops.

Rate: P2,500 per hour.
Minimum of 2 hours/session.
Maximum of 20 students.
Venue will be provided by the client/company
Reservation Fee: 50% 

Private Bootcamp/Personalized Training on Self Defense
Highly personalized, holistic, and comprehensive whole-day training.

1 on 1– P12,000
Group of 2 – P10,000 per head
Group of 3 – P8,000 per head

7 hours training (10:00am - 6:00pm)
Venue: a gym or in the privacy of your own home
Reservation Fee: 30% 

Let me end this post by sharing the advice given to us during the workshop on what to do when riding a taxicab especially at night:

1.   Always remember to slightly open the windows of the taxicab.  Since there were rampant reports of taxi drivers using chemicals to make their passengers dizzy, a small opening in the window can help lessen the effect of the chemical.

2.  Cover your nose with a wet hanky or towel so the scent of the chemical will not penetrate it.

3.  Fool the driver by pretending to make a call to a sergeant just to give an impression that you know somebody from the military or police force and dictate the plate number of the taxi you are riding.  Chances are, he will just look for another victim.

4.  Take a good look at the taxi driver and take note of his features. 

Stay safe everyone!


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