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Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party 2014

Mommy Bloggers Philippines (MBP) is an online community of mommy bloggers where I am a proud member.  I remember how excited I was to be part of this group when Ms. Lani, the founder of MBP, invited me to join.  I said to myself, "Wow!  Finally, a group of mommy bloggers in the Philippines. This is where I belong."

On October 18, 2014, MBP had its first Halloween Party.  I was hesitant to join because due to my hectic schedule at work, I won't be able to help in the organizing.  With a little push from a mommy blogger friend, I registered.

The party was held at Fun Runch, Ortigas.  When the venue was announced, I knew Baby C will have lots of fun with the rides.

Fun Runch, Ortigas

However, few days before the event, I was advised by my doctor to have a bed rest for two (2) weeks.  Yep!  We are expecting a new baby and this seems like a sensitive pregnancy.   I messaged Ms. Lani and she told me to ask hubby to attend.  She said "Sayang naman ang RAYC (Ride-All-You-Can)."  Hubby agreed since I already bought Baby C her giraffe costume. Unfortunately, they arrived late due to heavy traffic. 

They arrived few minutes before the awarding of the winners of the best Halloween costumes.  Be that as it may, I was told by hubby and yaya that Baby C had a blast mingling with other kids and with the rides.  Below are the photos taken by yaya of the event.

Big Red Barn, Fun Runch

Baby C in Giraffe Costume with Daddy A

Baby C with Sofia (daughter of a college classmate).

A picture with the Sansfluo Booth

Winners of the Best Halloween Costumes (4 categories)


Yaya said there were food samplings and cooking demo.  Below are pictures of some of the booths of sponsors.

Jolly Cow

Al Dente

Jolly Mushroom

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the hardworking mommy bloggers who made this event possible.  Special thanks to Ms. Lani.  Thank you also to all the event sponsors.

Photo Collage by Photomark Lightworks. Inc.

Photo Collage by Photomark Lightworks. Inc.

The Mommy Bloggers

Baby C's most awaited part of the event - Ride-All-You-Can

Thank you also for these goodies Baby C and Daddy brought home.

From fly Ace Corporation

Picture of all the goodies!

As I have mentioned earlier, hubby and Baby C were late during the party.  They weren't able to join the costume contest and even the raffles.  But lucky me because they did not raffled everything during the party.  Last week, MBP raffled three (3) tickets for 1 week meals courtesy of The Good Box Ph and I won the raffle. Thank you The Good Box PH. They already started delivering yesterday and below are pictures of what they prepared for me:

Monday Meals: 1200 kcal

Tuesday Meals: 1200 kcal
I missed the opportunity to meet the mommies behind the blogs that I read.  Next event, I will try my best to be there and to finally say "hi" to them in person.

Bye for now.  =)

Mommy Edel


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