Friday, February 13, 2015

Simple Valentine's Day Art Activity for Toddlers

This morning, I asked Baby C if she loves mommy, and of course her answer is "yes".  However, when I asked her if she loves daddy, she said "no" and then laugh out loud.  I know she was just kidding, but to instill in her that we should love one another, and that we should express our love, I decided to make a simple Valentine's Day Card for Daddy A by doing what Baby C likes to do.. "PASTING"!

In this activity:
1. We reviewed letters and numbers and the concept of big and small.
2. We focused on color red (She used to know the basic colors, but now, she answers "PINK" to every questions asking her to identify colors).
3. She learned that the heart shape symbolizes love and that we are doing this activity to show our love for daddy!
Here's what you will need:

1. One (1) red art paper or red construction paper
2. One (1) white card stock (a bond paper or oslo will also do)
3. Glue stick
4. Scissors
5. Markers
6. Number stickers (optional)

Here's how: 

1. Cut several heart shapes in different sizes from the red construction paper while your toddler is watching.  Ask her which heart shape is the biggest and which is the smallest.  If your toddler can cut the heart shape by herself, let her do it but as a reminder, please use a child-safe scissors.

2. Fold the card stock in the middle to make a card.

3. Tell your toddler to paste the heart shapes separately (I told Baby C not to paste the hearts on top of each other and she followed.)

4. Guiding your toddler's hand, write your message, tell the names of the alphabet as you write them.

5. Give the number stickers to your toddler with instruction to paste one number on each heart and again tell her the name of the numbers as you give the sticker to your toddler.  Or you can just write the numbers on each of the heart shape.

Here is our finished product.  Very clean and nice.  I'm sure Daddy A will be surprised when he sees it later.

Have fun doing this art with your toddler.  Advance Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  =)

Love! Love! Love!



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