Sunday, February 23, 2014

Baby C's Quest: The Search for the Missing Keyhole

Baby C likes playing with keys.  She watches intently everytime we open our car.  This morning, Yaya Leah gave Baby C a set of keys.  I followed them outside wondering what Baby C is up to.

Yaya Leah and I had a good laugh as Baby C tried each and every keyhole she can find in search of the right one.  

Skills developed in this quest/activity:

1. Dexterity of baby's little fingers and hands
2. Hand and Eye Coordination
3. Problem-Solving

The Search for the Missing Keyhole

Suspect No. 1:  Hyundai Getz

I was surprised when Baby C went to our car to open it.  Look at her tiptoeing to reach the keyhole!  I blurted out, "Oh, alam na niya para saan ang keys."

Suspect # 1: Mommy's car

Since the key she was holding won't fit, she looked around in search for another suspect!

Suspect No. 2: Neighboring Sari-Sari Store

There is a sari-sari store right next to our house.  Baby approached the metal door, lifted the padlock and tried to open it with the key. This even made me open my mouth in surprise!  She really now knows the concept of a lock and key!  

Suspect # 2:  Padlock of our neighbor

After several failed attempts, Baby C approached Suspect No. 3!  MIL's car!

Suspect No. 3: Toyata Vios

This time, she asked Yaya Leah's help since she can't reach the keyhole.  After 3 attempts, Baby C figured that this is not the missing keyhole.

Suspect # 3: MIL's car

Holding Yaya Leah's hand, Baby C went back to the sari-sari store. Hmmm.. Our neighbor's padlock is highly suspicious so she tried to open it again.

Returning to Suspect # 2

Suspect No. 4:  Toyota Altis

Baby C is one persistent and curious toddler. After trying the padlock, she went straight to the Toyota Altis parked in front of the house next to the sari-sari store. Anak naman, pati kotse ng kapitbahay, suspect?

Suspect # 4:  Neighbor's car
This time she did not exert much effort.  After one attempt, she let our neighbor's car be.  Guess where she went?

She went back again to Suspect No. 2!  What's with this padlock?  

Then finally, she approached our gate and looked at us.

Suspect No 5.  Our green gate

Yaya Leah lifted Baby C and with a little help, she managed to put the key in!  Good job, Baby C!  You solved the mystery of the missing keyhole!  I am one proud mommy!

Perfect fit!

That's it for now!  Thanks for dropping by.  If you have fun activities for toddlers, can you share them with us by commenting below?  TIA!  =) 


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