Monday, February 17, 2014

Facebook Online Support Groups for Mommies

Almost everybody uses Facebook!  I myself read news on Facebook, shop online on Facebook, I chat with my friends on Facebook, I search people on Facebook, I join contest on Facebook, and so on.. 

Since I don't have the time to surf the internet all day to find the right information that I need, I started joining Facebook Groups. 

I would like to share with you some of the mommy and parenting groups on Facebook which I've joined to help me to be continually abreast with the latest information about parenting.

If you want to learn anything about breastfeeding, need motivation to breastfeed, need support or help from other moms, want to meet fellow breastfeeding advocates, want to promote breastfeeding, or simply curious about breastfeeding, then this group is for you.  Please take note that this group has rules which you should follow to avoid being reprimanded and its No. 1 rule is NO TEXTSPEAK!

Members are also encouraged to backread and to use the search button because almost all possible questions about breastfeeding was already asked and answered in the forum.

Also, please refrain from asking if dying or rebonding your hair is safe while breastfeeding.  This question has been asked more than a hundred times. It is safe to dye, rebond or perm your hair while breastfeeding according to the experts.

I am breastfeeding for 15 months and this group helped me reached my journey this far. 

To view my post about my breastfeeding miracle story, please click HERE.

If you want a copy of the prayer to Our Lady of La Leche, Our Lady of Milk and Happy Delivery, please click HERE

If you love mother earth and want to save money on diapers, you might want to join this group.  I learned everything that I have to know about cloth diapers from this group, i.e. different kinds of cloth diapers, different brands of cloth diapers, how to wash cloth diapers, where to buy cloth diapers and how to strip cloth diapers. 

To view my post about our cloth diaper story, please click HERE.

If you are about to introduce solid food to your baby, you may want to join this group.  Baby Led Weaning is a method of introducing solid food to your child by letting them to feed themselves. 

To view my post about our baby led weaning experience, please click HERE.

For some reminders before introducing solid food, please click HERE.

This is a baby wearing support group.  According to experts, babywearing makes babies cry less, learn more, are smarter and more confident.

To view my post about babywearing, please click HERE.

If you are thinking about homeschooling your kids and want to know how to do it or you want to know if it is for you, then this FB Group is a must join!  I intend to homeschool Baby C, at least until she is 4 or 5 years old.  I still have lots to learn about this topic. 


This is another FB Group about homeschooling in the Philippines.  It has fewer members than Homeschooler in the Philippines, nevertheless, there are still tons of information and links to homeschooling materials which you can pick-up from this group.

Below are online support groups for moms with thousands of members.  If you have any questions which you cannot ask on any of the aforementioned FB Groups, then join these groups.

There's no OFF TOPIC Rule here and the member will gladly answer your questions.  Most of the admins of this group are also members of the FB Groups above.  Please remember, "No Textspeak" rule also applies here!

8.  MOMS, INC.

This is the most lenient group so far.  Textspeak is allowed, jejemons are allowed, and even bidding is allowed.  Recently, they started to conduct an auction sale every weekend (just for fun) from 8am to 8pm.  If you want to unclutter your closet, you might want to join the fun!

Don't forget to say "hi" when you see me on any of these groups!

Mommy Edel


  1. Hi! Great compilation Mommy Edel! :) Appear! Super Moms!

    1. Appear fellow super mom! Thanks for dropping by! =)

  2. Wow. Im a memberto almost half of what's on this list. The breastfeeding Pinays group helped me and encouraged me a lot in my bf-ing journey

  3. Hi there Edel, so glad to found your blog. I really appreciate it's beauty and contents.. I'm a mom of a year old baby girl too and into breastfeeding. Love your postings for fellow moms and your photos too. Your baby is too cute..:) I'll be reading more of your blog soon..:)


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