Friday, February 28, 2014

Tips on Properly Brushing Your Teeth

I saw yesterday a lady vigorously brushing her teeth.  I wanted to tell her to be gentle to her gums and teeth but she seems not to be the kind who will take an advice from a stranger.  To spread awareness, I'm writing here instead.

When my family visited our dentist last January, I was so relieved when she praised my pearly whites. She said "Very good ang teeth ni mommy!"  I know mothers who lost some of their teeth during or after pregnancy.  Phew!  

Below are the pointers given to us by our dentist on how to properly brush our teeth.

1.  Use a medium bristle toothbrush.

2.  Brush only up to 3 times a day because over brushing can irritate the gums.  Brushing 2 times a day is recommended but brushing 3 times a day is the ideal. 

3.  Brush up to 2 to 3 minutes only. 

4.  Brush your teeth and gums gently.  Brushing vigorously can cause abrasion of the enamel or gums.

5.  Use a pea size toothpaste.  You don't need more than that amount to clean your teeth.

6.  Gently brush the outer surface of your teeth in a circular or vertical motion. Horizontal stroke in the gumline is a no-no!  Horizontal stroke is only for the chewing surface of our teeth.  Also brush the inner surface and the tongue.

7.  Change your toothbrush every 3 months or when the bristles became frayed.

8.  Always keep your toothbrush dry. 

I repeat, brushing your teeth too hard and more often than is necessary is not beneficial but instead, can damage your teeth and gums.

I hope this helps!   Happy brushing! =)

 Mommy Edel


  1. Gosh. Guilty to be one who brushes in horizontal direction plus losing a tooth after my second childbirth. Naku! Though brushing is so basic, it's still the most neglected task for me. I brush to keep my teeth clean but oftentimes, I take forgranted how this affects my gums... Oooh.

    1. It's not too late sis. Get used to doing the circular motion na. While my teeth and gums are perfectly fine, my husband was diagnosed to have abrasions of the gums because of improper brushing. Tsk! tsk!


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