Monday, August 4, 2014

Goodnight Moon Craft for Kids

As soon as Baby C woke up this morning, she started yelling "paint!".  I did not give her any brushes or paints but I gave her the pre-cut colored papers I prepared last night.  We were supposed to do this "Goodnight Moon Pasting Activity" last night but she fell asleep while I was preparing the materials.

Baby C's very own window!

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is one of Baby C's favorite books.  Like the little bunny in this book who says goodnight to everybody and to everything , Baby C also likes saying goodnight to us and to her stuffed toys.  She would either say "night!" or wave her hand which is her sign language for goodnight.

While cleaning my drawer yesterday, I saw a small star puncher which I won from last year's Moon Cake Dice Game. This puncher is perfect to make a window just like the windows in the book!

What you will need:

1.  Colored papers.  I bought ours at National Bookstore (Best Buy Brand).  It is P15 for 20 pieces different colored papers) or art paper.
2.  Craft Puncher for the stars.  I saw this being sold in 168 Shopping Mall for P35.00 per peice or 3 for P100.00.
3.  Ruler, pen, scissors, and glue
4.  5 Peso coin for the moon
5.  Googly Eyes (This is optional but googly eyes make our crafts more interesting for Baby C and of course, more cute!  I bought our small pack for P18.00 also at National Bookstore)

Here's how:

1.  Get the yellow colored paper and punch the stars.

 2.  Trace a circle on the yellow colored paper to make the moon then cut it.  Paste the googly eyes on Mr. Moon.

3.   Paste the stars and the moon on the black colored paper.

Baby C's cousin helped us finish this craft.

4.  Get your pen, ruler and red colored paper to make your window grills, cut then paste.

Baby C and her cousin enjoyed this early morning activity so much that they requested for another one which we called "Good Morning Sun"

Here's what you will need.

Draw a sun and a cloud and glue the cotton balls on the cloud.

Tadaaa!  Good Morning Mr. Sun!

What can you say about our "Good Morning Sun" and "Goodnight Moon"?  If you have tried these crafts with your kids, please share them by posting them on Legal Mom Archives Facebook Page or email it to me at

If you are homeschooling and using the Before Five in a Row Curriculum, you can add these crafts to your activities.  Aside from teaching shapes and colors, this also teaches the concept of morning and night.

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  1. Hi, Edel :) This article got me interested in homeschooling my 18month old daughter. May I ask how and where you purchased the curriculum you're using? I'm working from 8 to 5 and am wondering if you're still working?If you do, how much time do you actualy spend in homeschooling your kiddo? (Sorry for the many questions!!) Thanks!

    1. Yey! Another mom interested in homeschooling! =) I don't have any curriculum yet, but I am planning to use Before Five in a Row. I also don't know where to buy it except in Amazon. But I'm trying my luck if I can get a copy from The Learning Basket. I am also working full time. I only teach my baby 10 to 20 minutes in the morning and another 10 to 20 minutes before bedtime during weekdays and every free time during weekends. We read at least 2 books a day and that's it! And oh, hubby spends about 5 minutes whenever he remembers to teach her Mandarin.


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