Monday, August 4, 2014

Shapes Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

Since I bought Baby C her first art set consisting of brushes and tempera paints from Ma'am and Moms last month, we started doing different arts and crafts every weekends.  She likes painting and she requests for her brushes and paints almost everyday.  So I took advantage of this and used painting to teach her colors, shapes and even letters and numbers.

I started posting our projects on Instagram and on my personal Facebook account and I got overwhelming compliments from my friends and readers.  It felt good knowing that I was able to inspire other moms to try arts and crafts with their toddlers.

Let me share with you some of our simple activities which will not only develop your toddler's fine motor skills, concentration, hand and eye coordination but will help them learn the basic shapes.

1.  Shape stamping with tissue roll.  In this activity, Baby C learned the shape CIRCLE and the color RED.

What you will need:
Tempera Paint or water color or food coloring or stamp pad
Tissue roll

2.  Shapes Crafts from DLTk's Crafts for Kids.  This website definitely made my life easier.  I just downloaded the free templates.

Heart Mouse Paper Craft

Triangle Fish Paper Craft

Circle Cat Craft

I downloaded the black and white template and made Baby C paint each of the shapes.  Her eyes twinkle everytime we finish an animal craft.  The Circle Cat Craft is our favorite.  She was surprised when she found out that the circles and triangles that she colored actually formed a cat! Meow!

What you will need:
Paints and brushes or crayons or oil pastels or water color or anything which can be used to color the shapes if you opt to download the black and white printables.
Scissors and glue

3.  Pasting shapes.  This activity is very simple, just cut squares and give your toddler a paste or a glue.

What you will need:

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