Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Browhaus: Hello to Perfect Brows!

Thin brows are out and nowadays it seems like the more bushier the brows, the better.  Good news to those with thin or sparse brows! You can have that perfect shaped brows you've been dreaming of through Browhaus' Brow Resurrection 2.4. 

Two weeks ago, I was invited by Browhaus to witness how they do their "Brow Resurrection".  I was curious how they do it because the brows in their posters and flyers look like real hair.
What is "Brow Resurrection 2.4"?  Brow Resurrection is a natural semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement solution which gives truly 3D lifelike results for the brow. 

Two beauty bloggers (Couch Wasabi and The Travelling Heels) underwent Brow Resurrection 2.4.  The procedure itself looks painful to me because I can see blood, but according to these two pretty ladies, it was almost painless.  Couch Wasabi even slept for few minutes and when she woke up, the procedure was over. 

So here's how they do Brow Resurrection 2.4:

BEFORE Photo: The Travelling Heels (Left), Couch Wasabi (Right)
Untouched right brow
Removing excess brows.
Drawing the strands and filling the gaps

Applying numbing cream
Actual tattooing using vegetable dye
AFTER picture of "Couch Wasabi"
AFTER picture of The Travelling Heels

The procedure lasted for about 1 1/2 hours.  According to the Brow Architects, Brow Resurrection can last up to two (2) years with tune up maintenance every after 6 months.  

An after care kit called "Fix and Build" is recommended to ensure the newly resurrected brows remain perfect!   It contains "Build" which repair and regenerate new skin cells which may be damaged during the procedure, "Fix" which is an anti-scarring balm with Vitamin A, D and Lanolin to heal wounds and tools such as a facial bowl and spatula to make a brow mask.

Price of Brow Resurrection 2.4 
For Full Brows - P38,000.00
for Lengthening - P25,000.00
Tune up Maintenance - P7,500.00
After Care System - P4,950.00

During the event, I was able to try again their Brow Construction (my first time to try it was way back 2010).    My Brow Architect advised me not to touch my brows for a month so it can grow back because I tweezed too much hair. Oh no!

Before.  Pardon the eyebags.
This is Grace in action.
Browhaus use 100% Cotton Thread
After:  Grace filled the gaps on my brows. 
Browhaus Brow Services
Thank you Browhaus for the invitation!

For more information about Browhaus, please visit:

Website: http://www.browhaus.com/manila
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrowhausManila


  1. wow..I would love to have that brows because mine is few and not seen unless I used eyebrow..but ouch, it's so expensive. ;)

  2. whoah! i never thought that brow construction is sooo costly... i could already buy a branded mobile phone with that price he he... i can only go for brow threading.


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