Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Matching Letters with Tongs and Sponge for Toddlers

Baby C is now 20 months old and she knows the names and sounds (phonics) of 5 letters, namely: B,O, S, M and A.  We already did all sorts of simple alphabet activities like coloring letters, connecting capital with small letters, and finding the hidden letters to name a few but this morning, we tried something new.  

We did a matching game!  We matched the letters of the alphabet using tongs and a dishwashing sponge.

Here's what you will need:
1.  Egg tray or any container where you can write the letters.
2.  A permanent marker
3.  Dishwashing sponge
4. Tongs 

Here's how:

Cut the sponge in small pieces, write the letters on the egg container and the matching letters on the sponge, take out your tongs and let the fun begin!

She was glued to this activity for 30 minutes! She enjoyed it while learning the alphabet, improving her hand and eye coordination, concentration and fine motor skills.  

At first, she had a hard time using this bottle tongs.  

She finally managed to pick up and drop her first letter - "S".

Ta-daa!! All done! =)

I hope your toddler will also like this activity!

Mommy Edel

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  1. wow...thanks for sharing this sis...Will try it at home...:-D


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